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  • FREE trial service
    For any new client who is interested in Golden View's services, we can provide the following free trial services:
    Free translation about 300 source words
    We will show you our best quality from this small test without charge, to minimize your risk to use a new vendor. In this case, you can rely on Golden View team for various sizes of projects, whether as small as a business card or as big as a large e-learning localization project.
    Free DTP testing about 5 pages
    If you have large volume of DTP tasks and are looking for a reliable and professional vendor, you can consider Golden View DTP team as the first choice. Our in-house expert DTP team can do a perfect DTP sample to demonstrate our abilities. We are skilled in FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, PageMaker, Microsoft Office, Photoshop etc.
    Free Help compilation testing
    If you are worrying about help compilation in Japanese or other Asian languages, please contact Golden View at the first time. Our localization engineers will help you. We can take a small compilation test. Just try us before starting a formal localization engineering project!

    VIP client channel
    What is VIP client for Golden View?
    VIP client should contribute a major part of sales to Golden View.
    What special services can Golden View provide to a VIP client?
    1) We will assign the best resources to serve the VIP clients. We will meet your needs in volume and timeline in top priority.
    2) We can assign 3 or more experienced project mangers (PM) to serve various needs from the VIP client. Once one PM is in holiday or sick leave, other PMs will be backup and provide the same level of professional services.
    3) For long term projects, we will try to use a stable translation team to keep the quality.
    4) You can always expect quick response to each request at 7 x 24 hours.
    VIP Contact channel

    Urgent support channel
    For super large and urgent projects, General Manager (GM) office will lead production team directly.
    1) Work closely with Resource team to organize team members efficiently.
    2) Assign more PMs to follow up and give strong support to meet your delivery requirements.
    3) Work at night and weekend, to ensure rolling-based delivery.
    4) In-house DTP team gives pre-document and post-document processing support.
    In a word, you can expect the most efficient services from Golden View: High capacity, on time delivery, excellent project management, reliable, quality, professional.
    Urgent contact channel
    Please contact your direct PMs at Golden View by email or phone. And for urgent cases, you can contact us by:
    Email: info@gvlocalization.com.
    Phone: 0086755-83439364 (China), +44-20-79399969 (UK)
    Mobile: 0086-13043499313 (China), +44-7501301911 (UK)

    Client feedback channel
    Please feel free to send words to: crm@gvlocalization.com for any suggestions, comments, complaints or ideas.

    Client satisfaction survey
    Here are our online surveys. Your answers will help us improve workflow and provide you with better services.
    1) "Golden View Client Satisfaction Survey"
    2) "Golden View Client Satisfaction Survey of Interpretation Service"

    Sample data reference
    With our Sample Data Centre (SDC), we can send the right sample for your reference within minutes. SDC helps us build a trust relationship between you and Golden View rapidly.
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